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Mark III - Tactical Flip Top - Level 3 CS/OC/UV - 1.8 oz

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4.00 Ounces


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When it comes to your self-defense don’t gamble. Rapid Strike pepper spray inhibits your attacker while causing extreme discomfort/pain to eyes, throat and respiratory system - allowing you to escape harm. Manufactured with the same formula used by the US Army & Airforce in a Department of Defense approved facility, proven to be the very best in a blind test conducted by the US Military. Rapid Strike is proven to be the very best in personal protection.


● CS/OC/UV - Level 3 2%CS + 10% OC – 1.33% T.C. 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
● Maximum effectiveness and stopping power
● SCS Military tear gas Adds severe burning sensation and tightness of the chest.
● Identify your attacker with an ultra-violet dye, visible under a black light
● Independent High Performance Liquid Chromatography testing ensures consistent performance
● Stores safely for 5 years
● Home Protection
● Effective up to 18 ft
● Spray Up to 25 Times
Available with Two Delivery Methods:
Stream: Focused pattern with longest distance. Good wind resistance, minimal cross contamination.
Fog: Wide pattern with mid distance, fastest disbursement. Wind can effect it but easiest to aim. Will cross contaminate indoors