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Mark III - Tactical Flip Top - Level 3 OC/UV - 1.8 oz

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4.00 Ounces


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When it comes to your self-defense don’t gamble. Rapid Strike pepper spray inhibits your attacker while causing extreme discomfort/pain to eyes, throat and respiratory system - allowing you to escape harm. Manufactured with the same formula used by the US Army & Airforce in a Department of Defense approved facility, proven to be the very best in a blind test conducted by the US Military. Rapid Strike is proven to be the very best in personal protection.

This product does not ship to Hawaii, Wisconsin, Maine, New York, Washington DC, Michigan, New Jersey & South Carolina


● OC/UV -Level 3 10% OC – 1.33% T.C. 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
● Maximum effectiveness and stopping power
● Same formulation used by the US Army & Air Force. Manufactured in a Department of Defense approved facility
● Identify your attacker with an ultra-violet dye, visible under a black light
● Independent High Performance Liquid Chromatography testing ensures consistent performance
● Stores safely for 5 years
● Home Protection
● Effective up to 18 ft
● Spray Up to 25 Times
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Gel: Focused pattern with long distance. Least chance of cross contamination, use where cross contamination could be an issue.