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No Belt? No Problem. Introducing the new MFT Belly Band Holster.

No Belt? No Problem. Introducing the new MFT Belly Band Holster.

Posted by Mission First Tactical on Feb 6th 2023

MFT Belly Band holster gives you the comfort you need for everyday-carry with or without a belt. Ideal for various sized bodies and rated the #1 carry solution for activewear.

“With hundreds of Belly Band options out there, we can say there is nothing like our Belly Band in the market.” said David Edelman, Vice President, Mission First Tactical. “This new, unique, first-of-its-kind design is sure to be a hit with those who want the freedom of carrying their firearm comfortably and safely, without the use of a belt.”

The new MFT Belly Band holster’s comfortable, all-day carry is achieved with a variety of features; 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric with special channels allow for more efficient airflow, increasing comfort in comparison with other elastic-type holsters. An open-air weave construction design provides for air/moisture to pass through, naturally hindering bacterial growth. Maximum breathability keeps you cool and dry all day long. A soft, medical-grade Hook & Loop construction ensures no chafing.

The MFT Belly Band holster has a self-laminated fastening end that can be cut and trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. The hard laminate trigger shield protects the firearm's trigger from unwanted intrusion. The MFT Belly Band has two elastic pockets for spare magazine, knives, flashlights and pepper spray. The holsters have two secure YKK zippered storage pockets that are ideal for credentials, cash, keys, cell phone etc. It’s ambidextrous and compatible with a wide variety of firearms. The best thing about this holster is there is no belt needed! It’s great for walking, jogging, hiking and biking etc. It’s designed to go wherever you go. This a great solution if you’re wearing activewear such as shorts, sweats or leggings. The MFT Belly Band holster is designed to accommodate waist sizes from 26” to 52”.

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