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We welcome dealers to join with us in representing our products to the tactical shooter. We consider this a partnership and value our relationships. Modern Sporting Rifles are the fastest growing segment of the firearm marketplace, with millions of rifles sold over the last few years shooters are passionate to customize their firearm with high grade fresh designs.

Founded by experienced retailers MFT knows how to create and deliver products your customers want. Superior packaging highlights the item and helps the customer understand what its use and how it’s installed without the help of staff. Unlike most, MFT has the experience, understanding, and depth of product to provide combinations that maximize sales. Easy reordering, near perfect fulfillment and customer service supports Dealers from start to finish. We adhere to a strict MAP policy which ensures healthy margins. All of our products are made in the USA and backed up with a Lifetime warranty. Sign up today!


MFT always puts its best face forward. Award winning packaging highlights the product and tells your customer/employee product features and benefits. Clear graphics, callouts and printed instructions ensure the customer won’t be returning to the store with questions. Theft resistant packaging ensures product can be openly pegboard displayed.


  • Clearly displays & identifies product and description
  • Educates the consumer at the shelf level
  • Adds perceived value
  • Fully sealed trapped blister
  • Selling features/benefits
  • Product use information
  • Installation information
  • Safety disclaimer



If you got it flaunt it! MFT displays create eye catching attention in your showroom and that means sales. Perfect for highlighting new product, sales specials and seasonal offerings Dealers make our displays a permanent showroom floor addition. Check out our crates, barrels, holster and little and big MF’er self-seller displays. These make it easy to bring in the right assortment without making shelf space, drop it right next to the register and your selling!


Once an account is created
- Easy online ordering or email PO’s to Orders@MFTLTD.Com
- No minimum to buy, Free Freight at $1000.00

Net 30 Day terms can be extended, a credit card must be kept on file. Any invoices more than 15 days late will be automatically charged.

MFT believes in retailers and retailing. We provide and enforce MAP pricing and welcome reporting of violation of this policy. Violators will be added to the national Do Not Sell List which will ensure a fair playing field for all.

UNAUTHORIZED RESELLERS & eBay are not authorized resellers, by becoming part of Team MF’ER you agree to not list our products for sale on these sights.